Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy bring golf skills to ‘Tonight Show’

PGA Champion Rory McIlroy didn’t do “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon any favors last night in their friendly game of Facebreakers, while Tiger Woods served as a not-so-helpful caddy.

McIlroy was the clear winner in the game, which required the two to take turns chipping golf balls at glass panels painted with their faces.

“I have the best caddy in the world,” Fallon said. Not good enough to beat the new PGA Champion, however.

McIlroy kicked the game off with a bang (literally) with a shot to Jimmy’s face in the right corner of the board.

“Tiger help me!” Fallon urged.

Watch the two battle it out below.

McIlroy and Woods also participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge in their matching Nike polos. The two were in New York after promoting Nike’s new line of golf clubs at Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey.