See: Prince’s picture as a junior high basketball player

Yep, that’s Prince, in a basketball uniform.
Yep, that’s Prince, in a basketball uniform. Twitter

Here’s a photo of Prince that you’ve probably never seen before – his junior high basketball team pic.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany, who tweeted the photo he found while going through the newspaper’s archives.

The old photo and newspaper clippings recall Prince’s days at Bryant Junior High in the mid-70s.

In one story, Prince’s basketball coach at Minneapolis’ Central High School, Richard Robinson, told the newspaper that the singer “was an excellent player; he was like the sixth or seventh man.

“He was an excellent ball handler, a good shooter and very short. Probably with a different group of people he would have been a starter. But, as they turned out, they were probably the best ball team that ever came along at Central. I knew he wanted to be starting and felt he should be starting. He was unhappy and he expressed that many, many times.”

Sad enough to make doves cry.