A weasel rides a woodpecker: 10 tweets to catch you up on #Weaselpecker

To catch you up, here’s the true story.

As told to, photographer Martin Le-May took the photo in East London. He “heard distress calls from the bird, a European green woodpecker, and turned to see it jumping up and down on the ground.” The birds feed on ants, so that’s not unusual. And the weasel must have thought it could take the bird down.

But the bird thought otherwise and flew up with the weasel on his back. The pair were airborne for a little bit until they came back down and the bird threw the weasel off its back (or the weasel gratefully jumped off).

That photo of nature in action is amazing enough. But, in Internet land, it called out for more. So here are the most popular memes of the day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin brazenly riding the pair.

Then add a Storm Trooper.

How about some animation?

We get the Harry Potter reference.

But not so sure about John Travolta?

Perhaps Katy Perry will add these lyrics to a new song.

And why assume the weasel was the bad guy?

From the weasel himself.

And from the newly born @weaselpecker Twitter account: Animals hitching rides with other animals is not all that unusual.