‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules faces rejected contestants on ‘Women Tell All’

Chris Soules and Britt in better times on “The Bachelor.”
Chris Soules and Britt in better times on “The Bachelor.” ABC

Finger pointing, eye rolls and tears dominated ABC’s “Women Tell All” special Monday night, where the cat fights were as plentiful as the fake eyelashes and Spanx.

Not five minutes into the show, over-emotional Britt opened with an important question for her nemesis Carly.

“Why did you pretend to be my friend the whole time?” Britt asked through tears.

“It wasn’t about you and me,” Carly answered matter-of-factly.

And just like that, Britt joined host Chris Harrison on stage, in the “hot seat,” where she described her “instantaneous” connection to Prince Farming and her belief that if it weren’t for Carly’s cross words, she would still be on the show.

The women debated Britt’s authenticity before Britt decided Carly’s feelings toward her were developed from a place of pain.

“I think it was easier for her to demonize me than to figure that out,” Britt said.

Next on the hot seat: Kelsey, deemed the “black widow” by her fellow contestants.

Kelsey described her feelings of “shock and despair” after watching the show and hearing the cruel things the other women had to say about her.

“I’m feeling betrayed, I’m feeling like I’m grieving all over again,” Kelsey said after blowing her nose in Chris Harrison’s silk hanky.

She ultimately apologized and asked for forgiveness from the women, who said she was “fake,” “condescending” and “calculated.”

To lighten the mood, Ashley S., better known as “onion girl,” sat her crazy self in the hot seat after giving Harrison an onion.

The reason for her wacky behavior?

“I was so bored, honestly,” Ashley S. said. “With the cameras around, it’s really hard for me not to be silly.”

Her antics on the show inspired Harrison to invite her on the show’s spinoff, “Bachelor in Paradise,” to which she replied:

“This is so weird...we’re on TV.”

Jade and Kaitlyn also spent time with Chris on stage, explaining their hurt feelings and describing how blindsided they each felt when they were sent home.

“I had what I felt like was a very strong connection with him,” Jade said. “It took a lot of courage for me to be honest with him... He told me that that would not change our relationship. I just didn't expect to go home.”

Kaitlyn, the last contestant sent home, said she had never felt more confident than after the overnight date she and Soules shared.

“I can pinpoint the moment that my heart just broke,” Kaitlyn said. “I had no reason to think I was gone that day ... I don't think I've ever been so blindsided.”

Finally, Prince Farming arrived to dish out his apologies and do his best to mend hurt feelings.

Britt asked to come on stage to hug him awkwardly for 5 minutes, then spewed more tears to tell him how proud she was of him.

“The reason things didn’t work out wasn’t because I believed or didn’t believe Carly,” Soules said.

Kaitlyn asked for clarity on why she was sent home, and Prince Farming didn‘t have much to offer.

“There’s really no true explanation,” he said. “At that moment, I was literally falling in love with three women.”

Jade also sat next to Soules to explain how hurt she felt that he described their viewing of her nude photos as “awkward.”

“I am sorry, but that’s truly how it initially felt,” Soules said.

Here’s to hoping for more awkward moments on the season finale, where Soules decides who will join him on the farm: Whitney or Becca.