The Week That Was: Mick Jagger is a dad (again), and ‘Hairspray Live!’ falls flat

Bye-bye “Westworld.” Hello again, Spider-Man. Welcome to our weekly rewind of some of the top pop culture events of the week.



Huzzah! Season 1 of HBO’s robot Western “Westworld” comes to a delightful, satisfying and nearly perfect end. And if you guessed all of the surprises, maybe you’re shaking off your programming, too.

Horrors! The president-elect tweets his disdain for “Saturday Night Live,” again. It’s hard to believe our presidential choices this past election season were between an old dude who says dumb stuff on social media and a grandma who was bad at email, but here we are.



Huzzah! We’ve been saying for years that Jimmy Kimmel should host the Oscars, and we’re glad ABC finally listened.



Horrors! R.I.P., “Game of Thrones” actor Peter Vaughan.

Horrors! If the Grammy nominations can’t recognize the brilliance of David Bowe’s “Blackstar,” then we can’t recognize the Grammys.



Hmmmm. The delightful “Hairspray Live!” is the highest-rated show of the night, but it was NBC’s lowest-rated live musical broadcast since these things began in 2013 with “The Sound of Music.” But you can’t stop the beat: NBC will bring you “Bye Bye Birdie” in 2017 with Jennifer Lopez.



Huzzah! A baby boy is born to Melanie Hamrick and 73-year-old Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. (Slow clap.) Well done, sir. (Slow clap.) Well done.

Hmmm. We thought if anyone had any chance of surviving the Kardashians unscathed it would be Kanye West, but after his hospitalization, Yeezy’s gone blond. Someone needs to intervene before he goes full Dennis Rodman on us.

Huzzah! OK, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” appears to have way too much Robert Downey Jr., and it’s weird seeing Michael “Batman” Keaton in a Marvel movie, but that trailer is unbelievable.



Huzzah! Whether it’s any good or not, “Office Christmas Party” wins simply for assembling the best cast for a comedy since “Bridesmaids.” Kate McKinnon, T.J. Miller, Olivia Munn, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Rob Corddry, Vanessa Bayer. Bravo!

Huzzah! Happy birthday, Kirk Douglas. We are Spartacus!