Maya Benberry apparently wasn’t in KC to watch Travis Kelce, Chiefs play Raiders

Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry from the TV show “Catching Kelce.”
Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry from the TV show “Catching Kelce.”

Thursday’s game between the Chiefs and Raiders was expected to answer the question about which team would have the inside track to winning the AFC West division.

But there was another question waiting to be answered: Would Maya Benberry be at the game as she had promised?

After Benberry was chosen by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in the finale of his reality dating show “Catching Kelce,” she tweeted that she would be at the Dec. 8 game.

Well, it seems she didn’t show.

This conversation was likely in response to a Snapchat post from Benberry showing that she had tickets for a flight to KC. She captioned it: “Flight was booked for my critics, but money calls when you’re a business woman.” H/T to for the snap.

But Benberry did seem to indicate everything was fine between she and Kelce. See these tweets before the game:

That’s happiness right there, wouldn’t you agree?

However, she’s following through with keeping her social life on the DL. She recently made her Instagram account private, after deleting photos of her and Kelce. But if you want to know more about Benberry, we’ve got 5 things here.

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