Be ready to cry over this ‘Rogue One’ Stormtrooper ad from Philippines

Rogue One: 'A Star Wars Story' commercial says #CreateCourage

Will you #CreateCourage no matter what?
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Will you #CreateCourage no matter what?

Kids. Stormtroopers. Scenes from the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” movie.

What more could any “Star Wars” fan ask for?

This ad from Philippine telecom company Globe and Disney Southeast Asia has been melting hearts all over the world since it was published Dec. 6 (nearing 675,000 views on YouTube).

How it starts: A brother and his younger sister go to school and she’s wearing a Stormtrooper helmet. Then you see her wearing it all day (try to spot all the “Star Wars” Easter eggs along the way) — while playing, while eating, while watching “Rogue One” (due out Dec. 16).

But it’s the ending that will bring tears. Every. Single. Time. (Yes, we tested this.)

According to, the ad is centered on the #CreateCourage campaign, which includes a contest to win a trip to the U.S. and a call to donate to the Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation to help pediatric patients.