Are Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry still dating? Fans are wondering

Will Maya Benberry be at the Dec. 8 Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce play?
Will Maya Benberry be at the Dec. 8 Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce play?

Well, it seems Maya Benberry has heard the chatter about the health of her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Benberry was Kelce’s choice in the reality dating show “Catching Kelce,” but last week, fans wondered why Benberry had removed photos of her with Kelce from her Instagram post. The Star wrote about whether this should be taken as a sign.

Not long after that story posted, Benberry tweeted this:

Hmmmm. If you consider that a clue, then this is a bigger one. Benberry posted this at the start of Sunday’s Chiefs-Falcons game in Atlanta:

Sounds like things are going well.

Here is the original post:

Is it already over between Maya Benberry and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce?

Just weeks after Kelce chose Benberry as the winner of his reality dating show “Catching Kelce,” Benberry removed photos of Kelce from her Instagram account, leading some to wonder if the couple has split up.

But that was just on Instagram. Benberry still has a photo of herself in a Kelce jersey on Twitter.

Confusing, right?

Well, Benberry has a message for those looking for clues on her Instagram or Twitter accounts: Just don’t.

However, she did not delete the tweets she posted about how her feelings for Kelce are real. In an interview in mid-November with The Paducah Sun (her home state is Kentucky), she said she and Kelce have been dating since the show’s filming ended in April.

More recently, while she didn’t mention Kelce, Benberry shared a few thoughts on Twitter that seemed to indicate her current mood, which is looking forward to only good things in 2017.

One possible reason for the sudden changes on social media could be because of the hate-filled messages Benberry said she received after the show ended. She shared a screenshot of a message that said in part: “You were only in it to win. Kansas City is to (sic) good for you. Go back to chicken land.”

The rest of the message is not appropriate for our website, but you can view it here.

One final clue: Benberry answered a question about being in an interracial relationship on her website.

Since we just now are allowed to publicize our relationship, I don't really have that much advice to give you. It's been less than a week so I'm technically just now getting my feet wet. But as you can see on my social media, I have experienced a lot of hate ranging from post about my skin color and mostly hate on my “nappy hair.” But having a supportive partner like T who makes you laugh about it rather then get upset is amazing. It just reminds me how ignorant our world is still today. …

But nonetheless I can say that T makes me happy. He makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world and is so loving and that is what I've always wanted. So my advice to you if you are considering it, is to go for it girl!! NO matter what anyone says, do what makes you happy and love who you want to love. Love has no skin color. I hope my advice helped.

That was posted Nov. 20.

So it’s still uncertain if it’s over between Kelce and Benberry, but we might get a big clue Dec. 8, when the Chiefs take on the Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. On Nov. 17, Benberry tweeted that she would be there.

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