Ariana Grande in KC: 10 things to know about her (she’s a Starbucks drink)

Ariana Grande perfroms at the Independence Events Center Wednesday night.
Ariana Grande perfroms at the Independence Events Center Wednesday night. Associated Press

From Nickelodeon idol to pop star. The journey to stardom for Ariana Grande has been a rocket ride over the last few years.

On Wednesday she returns to Kansas City for a show at the Independence Events Center.

On Tuesday afternoon she tweeted to her 25.6 million followers: “how did it come so soon??!??¿ we're gonna be up all day and night finalizing this show for u. see u tomorrow kansas city loves.”

Here are 10 things you might not know about her:

▪ She is allergic to cats, ironic because she was “Cat” on Nickelodeon’s “Sam & Cat.” She’s also allergic to bananas.

▪ You can apparently order an “Ariana Grande” at Starbucks, according to a Buzzfeed story this week. When a Buzzfeed reporter ordered an “Ariana Grande” she got this drink: a Cotton Candy Frappuccino base (Vanilla Bean and Raspberry), mocha syrup, mocha chips, whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle. The reporter called it “a disco techno circus party in my mouth.”

▪ Her cover of Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” has been seen more than 30 million times all over YouTube.

▪ In the December 2013 issue of Complex magazine Grande revealed that she had visited the infamous Stull Cemetery outside of Lawrence when she was here the month before performing at the Midland Theatre. She said: “I felt this sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car and we smelled sulfur, which is the sign of a demon, and there was a fly in the car randomly, which is another sign of a demon. I was like, ‘This is scary, let’s leave.’ I rolled down the window before we left and said, ‘We apologize. We didn’t mean to disrupt your peace.’ Then I took a picture and there are three super distinct faces in the picture — they’re faces of textbook demons.

“The next day I tried to send the picture to my manager and it said, ‘This file can’t be sent, it’s 666 megabytes.’ I’m not kidding. I used to have a folder called ‘Demons’ that had pictures with all the screen caps in it, but then weird things started happening to me so I deleted it.”

▪ In November 2014 she left a lot of people baffled by her performance at the CMA Awards when she joined Little Big Town on stage and sang “Bang Bang.” Critics called her appearance on the country stage out of place. (Stargazing loved it.)

▪ She took a “joyous” step in 2013 and became a vegan, tweeting out the news to her then-nearly 11 million followers. PETA thanked her on behalf of all animals and sent her vegan recipes.

▪ When she was 10 she founded a youth singing group called Kids Who Care that performed for charitable fund-raising events.

▪ She avidly campaigns against bullying, having written about the subject for The Huffington Post and joining Seventeen magazine’s 2013 campaign called “Delete Digital Drama” to end cyber-bullying.

▪ In case you missed it, she blew away fans and critics at the Grammy awards in February with the emotional ballad, “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.”