Has Negan’s ultimate fate on ‘The Walking Dead’ been revealed?

The bat-man everyone loves to hate: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as “The Walking Dead” baddie Negan.
The bat-man everyone loves to hate: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as “The Walking Dead” baddie Negan.

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you don’t mind the occasional “Walking Dead” spoiler.

But if you’ve clicked on this thinking you won’t learn the answer to the headline above, this is your final warning.


(No, really. We’re about to ruin what may be a big surprise. Turn back now.)

So we were doing some “Walking Dead” research on the Internet Movie Database earlier this week, when we stumbled across something peculiar.

The description of Episode 1 of Season 8, which would debut around this time next year, reads:

(Last chance …)

The synopsis reads: “In the wake of Negans [ sic ] death, the group are back together but now face the biggest challenge of all.”

Ooooh …

(The synopsis has since been taken down, but you can see a screenshot of what it used to say in the photo gallery above.)

Does this mean Negan (played with relish by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is around for only one season? And how do we feel about that? Is it enough of a teaser to get those who swore off the show after Sunday’s brutal opener to come back? Or does it mean that someone at IMDB jumped the gun? Worse yet, gave bad intel?

Comic fans will be more than glad to tell you that Negan hangs around for quite a while in the books. He was introduced in the 100th issue, and he’s still out there five years later. (There’s more about his storyline here and here, if you’re interested.)

It would make sense that Negan might be gone after one season. Morgan always seemed like too big of a star for this show. And, of course, the TV series has deviated drastically from the comic series. TV Rick, after all, still has a right hand.

Oh, wait. Did we just spoil something else?

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