The week that was: Dylan is MIA, and Cruise comes up short (such bad hombres)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our weekly recap of the world of pop culture, the Week That Was.

In this space each week we try to tune out our editor bellowing “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” long enough to rank from Huzzah! to Hmmm … to Horrors! the most notable achievement of each day.

Without further ado …


SUNDAY: Huzzah! “The Simpsons” airs its 600th episode. Only 36 more eps until the series overtakes “Gunsmoke” and Bart can tell Marshal Dillon, “Eat my shorts!”


MONDAY: Huzzah! CBS’ “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert announces he’ll do live election night coverage on Showtime. “It’ll be all the political comedy you love from my CBS show, with all the swearing and nudity you love from Showtime,” he said.


TUESDAY: Hmmmm. The Swedish Academy says it hasn’t been able to reach Bob Dylan to let him know he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Bob don’t care how many letters they sent. Morning came, and morning went. Pick up your money, and pack up your tent. That Nobel Prize ain’t goin’ nowhere.


WEDNESDAY: Hmmmm. We’re not sure who won the debate, but we’re happy to have Bad Hombres and Nasty Woman as part of the national conversation.


THURSDAY. Hmmmm. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Lee Child’s awesome adventure hero in “Jack Reacher: “Never Go Back.” We want this film franchise to succeed, but Tom’s just not tall enough to be Reacher. Sorry.


Friday: Huzzah! On her 75th birthday, Wonder Woman is unveiled as a special ambassador for the United Nations. Some object because she’s a cartoon and her supersuit is a little skimpy, but, come on, people. She can kick Superman’s super-butt any day.