‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules takes remaining girls to Iowa in latest episode

Cows, corn and crops made a special appearance in the lastest episode of “The Bachelor,” where farmer Chris Soules saw one front-runner’s true colors.
Cows, corn and crops made a special appearance in the lastest episode of “The Bachelor,” where farmer Chris Soules saw one front-runner’s true colors. ABC-TV

Viewers of ABC’s “The Bachelor” were in for a double dose of episodes this week, starting with Sunday’s sit-down with this season’s villain Kelsey, farmer Chris Soules and former “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman.

Kelsey spent her sit down time defending her “panic attack” and tried to make sense of Ashley I.’s negative feelings toward her.

“Somehow she believed I thought less of her,” Kelsey said.

Chris explained why he ratted Ashley out to Kelsey, claiming he “felt like that was the only way to get to the bottom, to hear her side of the story.”

Thankfully we don’t have to hear either of their stories as both got kicked off last week, but we did hear the sad story that was Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray’s breakup.

Andi picked up where Ashley left off, shedding tears throughout her interview with host Chris Harrison, explaining that she was heartbroken and that Murray was her one true love and true heartbreak.

“This is honestly like the biggest failure of my life so far,” Andi told Chris.

On a more uplifting note, the girls of season 19 took horse-drawn carriages to the rose ceremony we didn’t see last week, where Megan decided to leave after a failed connection with Chris.

With six girls remaining, the group finally left Deadwood, S.D., for a more scenic destination: Iowa.

“It’s going to be special,” Chris said. “It catches people off guard when they see it.”

Although they stay in Des Moines, Jade gets the first one-on-one date with Chris in his hometown of Arlington, population 400-something.

“There aren’t a lot of women who would want to live in the middle of nowhere, Iowa, on a farm,” Jade said after seeing the town. “I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed.”

She means underwhelmed, we’re sure.

Despite the town’s ghostly atmosphere, Chris and Jade end up having a memorable time, visiting Chris’ school and going to the local high school football game.

Jade hints at her wild past, but hesitates to tell him about posing for Playboy because she wants to wait for the “perfect time.”

Something tells us there’s no perfect time for that bomb to be dropped.

The second one-on-one date belongs to Whitney, who spends her date taking romantic photos with Chris, one of which is later turned into a mural.

At dinner, Whitney meets three of Chris’ best friends, who give her the stamp of approval.

“When I look at her, no question she makes me want to be a better man,” Chris said.

Whitney also reveals more details about her family- how her mom tragically passed away and she never knew her father.

While Whitney and Chris wined and dined, the remaining girls take a road trip to Arlington to find out how small it is for themselves.

It’s there that Britt tells Carly and Kaitlyn that she can’t imagine herself living there, then magically changes her mind when talking to Jade.

On the group date, Kaitlyn, Britt and Carly ice skate with Chris, who Carly warns is being deceived by Britt.

“That was a bomb that Carly just dropped,” Chris said. “If she’s lying I would be absolutely crushed.”

When Chris gives Kaitlyn the group date rose, Britt shows her true colors by saying out loud what she should have kept to herself.

“I don’t want my husband to see me as second, third or fourth down the line,” Britt said.

Tune in tomorrow night to find out if Britt stays or goes at the final rose ceremony before hometown dates.

Oh, the suspense.

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