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Middle of the Map music acts complete list, venues

Ink’s Middle of Map music fest features dozens of acts over four days at various locations in Kansas City.

Here’s the list of all the shows. Find music writer Timothy Finn’s top picks here.

Go to to create your own schedule. For more Middle of the Map coverage, visit

May 4

Californos, Californos-Patio, 4124 Pennsylvania Ave. (starting at 7 p.m.)

Jessica Paige




Annie Ellicot & Mark Southerland

Via Luna

Ensemble Iberica


Krystle Warren

Sharks in the Deep End

Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar, 4115 Mill St. (starting at 7:30 p.m.)

Max Justus

Uh Bones

L.A. Witch

Mills Records, 314 Westport Road (starting at 6 p.m.)


Jorge Arana Trio

Monta at Odds

Westport Saloon, 4112 Pennsylvania Ave. (starting at 7 p.m.)

The Ovaries-eez

Nicholas St. James

Quirk & Ruckus

Cowgirl’s Train Set

Julian Davis and The Hay-Burners

Roosevelt Dime

May 5

Californos, Californos-Patio (starting at 7 p.m.)

Shadow Rabbits

The Blackbird Revue

Golden Groves

My Oh My

Foxes in Fiction

The Sluts

Your Friend

Migrant Kids

Various Blonde

San Fermin

Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar (starting at 7:30 p.m.)

Youth Pool

Amy Farrand and The Like

Spirit is the Spirit

The Philistines

La Sera

The Besnard Lakes

Mills Records (starting at 6 p.m.)

Psychic Heat

The Conquerors

Shy Boys

Westport Saloon (starting at 7 p.m.)

Aj Gaither

Lauren Anderson

Tracy Huffman and The Walking Sticks

Sugar Britches

Levi Parham

Ford Theatre Reunion

May 6

Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland, 1228 Main St. (starting at 6:30 p.m.)


Ebony Tusks


Vince Staples


The Brick, 1727 McGee St. (starting at 10 p.m.)

Spencer Mackenzie Brown


The Grisly Hand

Al Scorch

CrossroadsKC, 417 E. 18th St. (starting at 6 p.m.)

Theta Intellect

Rachel Mallin + The Wild Type

Kangaroo Knife Fight

The Noise FM

The Struts

Cold War Kids

The Record Bar Pop-Up, 1520 Grand Blvd. (starting at 8 p.m.)

Not a Planet



Me Like Bees

The Good Life

Tank Room, 1813 Grand Blvd. (starting at 7:45 p.m.)

The Author and the Illustrator



The Free Years

Yes You Are


May 7

Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland (starting at 7 p.m.)

John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons

Son Little

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires

Aimee Mann

The Brick (starting at 2 p.m.)

The People’s Punk Band

Dean Monkey and The Dropouts


Major Games

Read Adults

Thom Hoskins (starting at 8 p.m.)

Group of the Altos


Archie Powell & The Exports

The Rocketboys

Bonzo Madrid

Valley Hush

Collection, 1532 Grand Blvd. (starting at 2 p.m.)


Connor Leimer

Gracie Schram

Tall Tales


Crossroads KC (starting at 6 p.m.)

Pink Royal

Light Music


All Get Out

Manchester Orchestra

The Record Bar Pop-Up (starting at 2 p.m.)

The Widow’s Ride

Sisters Of.

Lionmaker (Lion X Barrel Maker)

Hipshot Killer

Fake Drugs (starting at 10 p.m.)

Com Truise


Tank Room (starting at 2 p.m.)


Ivory Black

Red Kate

Heidi Gluck

The Roseline

Second Hand King (starting at 9:30 p.m.)

Heartfelt Anarchy

Duncan Brunett & the RIOT


The Phantastics

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