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KC’s Pedaljets remember the scent of Prince and the glove left behind

Prince in the ‘Purple Rain’ era
Prince in the ‘Purple Rain’ era File photo

In 1984, the Kansas City band the PedalJets were on tour opening for the St. Paul band Husker Du. The tour ended at 7th Street Entry/First Avenue, a Minneapolis venue.

In a story published in The Star in March 2007, members of the PedalJets recalled an encounter with Prince.

Mike Allmayer: It was in 1984, right around the time of “Purple Rain.” We were punk-rockers, but you had to like Prince. He was so outlandish, and the movie was great at the time. We were at the 7th Street, which was adjacent to the 1st Avenue, where the movie was filmed. ... The big joke all day was: Prince is gonna show up.

Matt Kesler: At one point (a friend) comes up to me and says “Prince is here. He wants to jam with your stuff.” We’re like, “Right. Funny. That’s a good one.”

MA: We were doing our last song and were about to step off, but they wanted an encore.

MK: Then I saw (Prince) and the drummer walk in. I go, “Guys, this is for real. Really: Prince is here.”

MA: So while Prince is waiting to get on stage we do “Under the Septic Sun of Your Daddy’s Dude Ranch.” Prince is looking like, “Oh, god. The things I have to go through. ...” We get off stage and I still haven’t seen Prince, but I could tell by the movement in the place that something was going on.

So I look around to see what’s going on, and the first thing that hits me is the scent of Prince. He wears this women’s cologne that’s so powerful you could smell it at 50 feet. He was in full Prince gear: the purple paisley jump suit. What you see on the album covers and promo covers, he wears to clubs and out in public.

Rob Morrow: He used our guitar player Scott’s guitar and he left a lace perfumed glove in the case.

MA: He had to take it off to play guitar and he forgot about it.

MK: He gets up there and walks over and tells the drummer what to play, then he tells bass player what to play. Then he turns around and started playing. It was unbelievable. I thought he was one of those half-players. No. The guy can play. ... He tore it up.

MA: He was spinning and dancing — all the MTV moves, he did them right there in this tiny little punk club.

MK: He left all our stuff in a great big wad: all the effect pedals and stuff was in a gigantic wad on stage.

MA: What I liked about it ... Bob Mould (of Husker Du) was leaning against the bar and he told Matt or somebody, “If Prince asked to use my guitar I’d tell him to f*** off.”

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