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KC rapper Tech N9ne donates 550 bras to domestic violence shelter

Tech N9ne knows what to do with his adoring fans.
Tech N9ne knows what to do with his adoring fans.

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne gets a special sort of appreciation from his female fans at concerts around the country: They toss their bras to him onstage.

And now he has found a way to turn that adoration into a good cause. Tech N9ne donated 550 bras to Hope House, a KC area domestic violence shelter. In a statement from the agency, the rapper said he once lived in a home with domestic violence: “My mom and I moved from house to house from the third to the fourth grade, trying to avoid the abuse by my mom’s boyfriend.”

That man finally was sentenced to jail for an unrelated crime.

“He knows the fear and the terror,” said Hope House CEO MaryAnne Metheny, “and he can share that in ways we never could.”

Hope House provides a 122-bed shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline, therapy and more.

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