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Tech N9ne narrates Sporting KC’s local Super Bowl ad

Local rap artist Tech N9ne lends his voice to Sporting KC’s Super Bowl ad that will air locally during the first half.
Local rap artist Tech N9ne lends his voice to Sporting KC’s Super Bowl ad that will air locally during the first half. File photo

Sporting KC will launch its 2016 marketing campaign during the Super Bowl, and if you watch it closely you may catch a glimpse of your neighborhood or someone you know. If you listen closely, you may recognize the voice narrating the commercial.

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne is the voice behind the launch of the Sporting KC campaign and its theme, “All for the City,” which will air for the first time during the first half of Sunday’s game. It starts at 5:30 p.m. on KCTV (Channel 5).

“‘All for the City’ has a couple meanings,” said Andy Tretiak, chief marketing officer for Sporting KC. “One, it’s a rallying cry for the team, and it represents why we play: Our goal is to bring a championships back to the city. And everything we do from a civic standpoint is all for Kansas City.”

The spot also conveys the breadth of the team’s fan base across metropolian Kansas City and how game day is a big day from the Northland to Waldo, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park and beyond.

“It focuses on the unique communities in the city and what Sporting KC means to the fans and people who live there,” he said.

Tech N9ne was the first person who came to mind as the narrator of the piece.

“We wanted an iconic voice to help drive it, and we immediately thought of him,” Tretiak said. “We have a history with him and Strange Music. He was part of our (MLS Cup) run in 2013.”

That year, before the Eastern Conference finals versus Sporting’s heated rival, the Houston Dynamo, Tech N9ne performed.

“We turned down the lights, and he came out and performed a song that brought the team out, and it really amped-up the crowd,” Tretiak said. “We won the game and went on to win the cup.

“We felt like his voice would really fit in with the new spot and that he represents what we do as a brand. He is Kansas City through-and-through. So we asked Strange Music and they were gracious enough to say yes.”

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This is the second time in a few months that Kansas City’s most successful rapper has show support for a sports team.

“You know I gotta support my hometown teams,” Tech N9ne said. “Everyone’s been showing major love since we dropped my song ‘KCMO’ after the Royals won the World Series. When I heard Sporting KC wanted to include me in their Super Bowl ad, I was like ‘Hell, yeah!’ You know I’m always gonna rep my city.”

Music has been a part of other Sporting KC campaigns. Songs by Radkey, a Kansas City punk band, including “Cat and Mouse,” was been used in Sporting’s 2015 “Made in Kansas City” campaign.

“Sporting is more than just a sports brand,” Tretiak said. “We are more of a cultural brand.”

In the “All for the City” spot, fans will also get a glimpse of Sporting’s new secondary jersey.

“We get a new (jersey) each year, and we typically do a big unveiling,” Tretiak said. “We will be showing it for the first time in the commercial, right at the end.”

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