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Radkey’s ‘Glore’ video gets some high national praise

Rolling Stone magazine this week released its list of the

best videos of 2015

, and “Glore,” a video by the punk band Radkey was No. 4.

Radkey comprises brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke. The Radke family is from St. Joseph but now lives in Kansas City. Here’s what Rolling Stone said about the video:

“Since 2013, director Nicos Livesey has made one intensive animated music video per year, and this time he revisits classic stop-motion claymation for hard-rock trio Radkey. The most obvious antecedent is Green Jelly’s ‘Three Little Pigs’ from 1993, but ‘Glore’ pushes the form farther with frantic pacing, kooky humor and blacklight visions.

“Along the way it buzzsaws through a greatest hits collection of ’80s and ’90s pop culture touchstones. But even with its low-brow subject matter, ‘Glore’ takes a complex approach to technical work.”

In October, when the video was released, Matt Radke, the brothers’ father, told The Star that it took about 10 weeks to complete the video, which portrays many of the brothers’ interests and favorites, including food, energy drinks and video games.

“The whole concept was thought up by Nicos Livesey,” Radke said. “He just asked the guys to list some stuff that they love and hate.” Livesey is a free-lance animation director from London.

“Glore” is a track on “Dark Black Makeup,” the band’s first full-length album, which was released in August.

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