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This weekend’s best music: Otis Taylor, the Grisly Hand, the New Riddim, Una Walkenhorst and OJT

The Grisly Hand will play Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Brick. They’ll be joined by New Riddim.
The Grisly Hand will play Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Brick. They’ll be joined by New Riddim.

Otis Taylor

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Living Room at Knuckleheads

While many blues artists mimic the work of their predecessors, Otis Taylor has created an exciting new repertoire of challenging material. The idiosyncratic artist often combines the urgent moan of Howlin’ Wolf with the political slant of Noam Chomsky. Saturday’s show in the small back room of Knuckleheads promises to be an interactive experience.

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The Grisly Hand and the New Riddim

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Brick

Country-steeped rock band the Grisly Hand and reggae-oriented ensemble the New Riddim may perform entirely different styles of music, but the pairing of the two esteemed Kansas City groups makes perfect sense. The veteran musicians in both bands share a wealth of hard-won experience.

The cover charge is $10. Details are available at

Steddy P

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the RecordBar

Ray Pierce, the man who records as Steddy P, has spent years attempting to build his company Indyground Entertainment into a significant hip-hop syndicate. Indyground’s unfailingly impressive showcases demonstrate that the members of the label’s roster merit a larger audience. With Dom Chronicles, Second Hand King, J-Izzie and Scotty Wu.

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David Hasselhoff on Acid

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Riot Room

Soothing melodies and melodic choruses will be in short supply at the Riot Room on Saturday. Four of Kansas City’s noisiest bands — David Hasselhoff on Acid, At the Left Hand of God, Janet the Planet and the Jorge Arana Trio — will play adventurous combinations of metal, jazz and art-rock in odd time signatures.

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Charlotte Fletcher and Soigné

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Blue Room

The timeless appeal of R&B hits by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oates, Lakeside and Angela Winbush keep listeners tuned to radio stations with urban adult contemporary formats. The superb Kansas City-based Charlotte Fletcher and Soigné revive the vintage songs of those artists with powerhouse vocals and pleasing showmanship.

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Saturday, Dec. 26, at Californos

Black Crack Revue has been filling dance floors and expanding the consciousness of open-minded Kansas City audiences for more than 30 years. Overseen by the amiably idiosyncratic Dwight Frizzell, BCR will blend rambunctious jazz, theoretical funk and avant-garde classical sounds at Saturday’s “ultra-flesh dance.”

The cover charge is $10. Details are available at

Una Walkenhorst

Saturday, Dec. 26, at the RecordBar

Like father, like daughter. Una Walkenhorst has elected to follow the lead of her father, Bob Walkenhorst. The music of the fledgling singer/songwriter is reminiscent of the more reserved work her father has created with the Rainmakers and as a solo artist. Saturday’s free matinee show is an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with the elegant folk of his daughter.

Details about the free matinee show are available at


Saturday, Dec. 26, at the Green Lady Lounge

As the unofficial house band of the Green Lady Lounge, OJT sets the tone for one of Kansas City’s most distinctive recurring parties with covers of jazz standards and fresh interpretations of material by Tears for Fears, Steely Dan and the Beatles. The organ jazz trio’s smooth grooves augment the dimly lit opulence of the popular jazz venue.

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Info Gates

Sunday, Dec. 27, at the RecordBar

Kansas City producer and rapper Info Gates has a reputation for boosting the careers of his colleagues. Soon after collaborating with Gates on the fine album “Breaking Bad News,” for instance, rapper JL was recently signed to the prestigious Strange Music record label. Gates will conspire with Les Izmore, D/Will, Joey Cool and Dutch Newman on Sunday.

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Gospel brunch

Sunday, Dec. 27, at Knuckleheads

The post-Christmas gospel brunch at Knuckleheads on Sunday afternoon provides an inviting forum for many of Kansas City’s most prominent musicians to perform their favorite hymns and spirituals. Participants include Danielle Nicole, Samantha Fish, Katy Guillen, Sara Morgan, Claire Adams, Dave Nace, Carl Butler and Jimmie Bratcher.

Tickets are $25 in advance through

Pamper the Madman and Cher UK

Tuesday, Dec. 29, at the RecordBar

An abiding nostalgia for Kansas City’s indie-rock sound of the 1990s is a fundamental component of the psyches of the people who cut their teeth on the scene. Clever songs made Pamper the Madman one of the area’s biggest bands 20 years ago. Cher UK was a noisier member of the same clique.

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Not a Planet

Wednesday, Dec. 30, at the RecordBar

Not a Planet is one of Kansas City’s most popular bands partly because its sound acts as a rock ’n’ roll Rorschach test. Grunge fans hear a bit of Stone Temple Pilots in the trio’s music. Admirers of the Beatles traditionalists appreciate the ways in which Not a Planet echoes John Lennon, while roots-oriented listeners are often reminded of the Black Keys. With Pink Royal and Yotes.

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Bill Brownlee, Special to The Star