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Beautiful Bodies have an incredible night at the K

The Kansas City Star

They didn’t exactly feel invincible, but they sure felt exhilarated.

On Wednesday night, the Kansas City band the Beautiful Bodies performed several times before and during Game 2 of the World Series in Kauffman Stadium.

“The whole thing was incredible,” said Alicia Solombrino, lead singer. “Almost surreal.”

For nearly two hours before the first pitch, the Bodies performed on one of two music stages inside the K. The stages are part of the Local Music Showcase, a program sponsored by Ink magazine (which is owned by The Star) that features local bands every Wednesday home game of the regular season.

The Bodies had played showcases, in 2012 and 2013. But neither was remotely like Wednesday’s. For one thing, instead of one 45-minute set, bands play three. But the buzz inside the K was inspiring, Solombrino said.

“Three 45-minute sets is like a two-hour Warped Tour,” she said. “But there was so much Kansas City pride, so much amazing energy to build off of. People were high-fiving each other and going crazy. That’s how we got through a two-hour set.”

There was one more difference.

“We had to sign a contract saying we wouldn’t climb on anything or curse,” she said. “The last time we got rowdy, so we had to sign an agreement to behave.”

After their live performance, a surprise awaited the band. A recording of its single “Invincible” was played inside the stadium three times during the game. The band used that song as the soundtrack to a Royals tribute video it made before the start of the World Series.

“We knew they were going to play (the song) but we didn’t know when,” Solombrino said. “And we didn’t know they were going to play it three times. We got more plays than Rihanna -- probably the last time I’ll say that.”

Each time it was played, there was a reaction over social medial.

“People were Tweeting, ‘They’re playing Beautiful Bodies, a local band,’” she said. “We got videos from multiple people who recorded the song being played.”

There was more good news. On Thursday, after talking with the band’s label, Epitaph Records, the “Invincible” single was made available for the first time on iTunes. You can find it here.