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Take Five will take an unplanned break

The Kansas City jazz community is losing one of its favorite venues, at least for a while. The proprietors of Take Five Coffee + Bar in Overland Park announced Friday that their establishment will close on Aug. 15.

But Take Five has not played its last chorus, they say. Owners Lori and Doug Chandler wrote in an email: “We’re looking at it as a ‘set break’ — we do intend to reopen at some point in the future after a very careful location search, and some regrouping time as well.”

Take Five opened in January 2010 at 151st Street and Nall Avenue in Leawood and added jazz programming a few months later. Packed crowds became common on jazz nights. So the business moved last fall to a larger space in the Corbin Park development near 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue.

The Chandlers wrote: “We have had many challenges since moving to the new location; some ours, some with the property itself, and we had to make a very difficult decision.”

They cited plumbing problems, already the source of legal action, and the appearance of a Starbucks very close by as contributing to their decision.

They wrote: “…we simply have to admit it’s time to move on. Unfortunately, we don’t have anywhere to move TO (and no, we can’t go back to our old location), nor do we have the funds to do so quickly. We WILL be back, though, when the time — and most importantly the location — is right.”