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Lawrence Field Day Fest to showcase talent new and familiar

Not a Planet will play Thursday, June 25, at Eighth Street Taproom.
Not a Planet will play Thursday, June 25, at Eighth Street Taproom. FILE PHOTO

The Lawrence Field Day Fest was founded in 2012 by Lawrence residents who are also musicians and who wanted to celebrate life there when the college students are gone for the summer.

At the festival’s website, Cameron Hawk, who co-founded the event, wrote: “When (students) leave, the small college town becomes a playground for the people who actually call it home. Traffic, of both the human and automotive kind, slows to a laid-back crawl. Downtown is all of a sudden not completely clogged with people whose main goal is to get as (drunk) as possible. Finally, a time for when … townies can enjoy the things that make their community great.”

And one of those things is live music, which the Lawrence Field Day Fest celebrates. the festival has grown exponentially, adding venues and bands. This year nearly five dozen bands will perform in four venues over three nights.

“As it looks now, this year is going to be the biggest year yet, with the addition of a few more stages and double the amount of bands,” said Hank Weidel, one of the festival’s organizers.

More venues and slots meant the curators could enlist more new bands, which is one of the festival’s missions.

“Our goal for this year was to expose as much new talent as possible,” he said. “There is a lot of unnoticed and young talent in the scene, and we want to give these musicians a chance to be heard. We also aimed to diversify the lineup, especially with hip-hop. We finally got hip-hop acts headlining at least one night, which we are very excited about.”

Weidel had some recommendations: “I’m most excited to hear David Hasselhoff on Acid and Your Friend, Domineko and Le$ Paul. Take the time to check those guys out. They’re hard-working.”

A three-day pass is $20. Daily admission is $5 at the Bottleneck, Jackpot Saloon and Eighth Street Taproom and $3 at Replay Lounge.

Sherwood Center benefit

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ, 1205 E. 85th St., will be host of the annual Blues and BBQ, a two-day benefit for the Sherwood Center, which provides educational and other programs for people with autism and other disabilities.

Friday’s show starts at 6 p.m. The lineup: KC Aces, Old No. 5s, Cross Eyed Cat and Lauren Anderson. Saturday’s session starts at 3 p.m. The lineup: Diane “Mama” Ray, Stone Cutters Union, Amanda Fish, Jason Vivone and the Billy Bats, Knock Kneed Sally, Coyote Bill Boogie Band and the Atlantic Express. Admission to each night is $10.

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▪ Bottleneck, 8 p.m.: Voyager; Chastity Belt; Jorge Arana Trio; Spencer Mackenzie Brown.

▪ Replay Lounge, 10 p.m.: The Ovaries-eez; Sugar Britches; Various Blonde; Paper Buffalo.

▪ Jackpot Saloon, 7 p.m.: Toughies; Bonzo Madrid; the Clementines; Rev Gusto; No Cave.

▪ Eighth Street Taproom, 9 p.m.: Vedettes; Mr. and the Mrs.; Not a Planet; Pink Royal.


▪ Bottleneck, 8 p.m.: Drew Black and Dirty Electric; Captiva; Admiral of the Red; Josh Berwanger Band; Red Kate.

▪ Replay Lounge, 9 p.m.: Sona; Crystal Baller; Something and the Whatevers; Sister Rat; Sedlec Ossuary.

▪ Jackpot Saloon, 8 p.m.: Nicholas St. James; Arc Flash; David George and A Crooked Mile; the Electric Lungs; the Sluts.

▪ Eighth Street Taproom, 10 p.m.: Mad Kings; David Hasselhoff on Acid; Domineko/Le$ Paul


▪ Bottleneck, 8 p.m.: Oceanside Hotels; the Rackatees; La Guerre; the Noise FM; Westerners.

▪ Replay Lounge, 9 p.m.: The People’s Punk Band; Federation of Horsepower; Varma Cross; Bruiser Queen; Maybe Not.

▪ Jackpot Saloon, 7 p.m.: Eyes of Iolite; Young Readers; the Philistines; Gnarly Davidson; Psychic Heat.

▪ Eighth Street Taproom, 9 p.m.: Lusty Flowers; Heidi Gluck; Your Friend; Father Orson.