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Like a profanity-prone Peter Pan, Pink swings from rafters, shows off stellar voice

Pink performed Thursday, March 15, at The Sprint Center.
Pink performed Thursday, March 15, at The Sprint Center. Special to the Star

Pink made the athletes who competed in the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament at the Sprint Center earlier this month seem like earthbound slackers during her vigorous appearance at the arena on Thursday.

An audience of about 15,000 saw the pop star swing from the rafters like a profanity-prone Peter Pan, kickbox a giant effigy of the rapper Eminem and lead a ten-piece dance crew in frenzied workouts.

The show demonstrated precisely how the woman born Alecia Moore in 1979 has maintained her popularity in a youth-oriented pop landscape.

Rather than aging out of relevance, Pink’s elaborate stagecraft, deep connection with fans and consistently engaging music make her one of the most commercially successful musicians of the millennium.

She focused on material from her 2017 release “Beautiful Trauma,” the most resonant of her seven studio albums, during the 1 hour and 45 minute show. The breathtaking aerial acrobatics that are Pink’s signature stunt never fail to impress.

A network of cables allowed her to careen about the arena during the brash breakup song “So What.” She scampered high and low on a faux chandelier like a foolhardy child on a jungle gym while belting out “Get the Party Started” and seemingly risked life and limb as she performed “Raise Your Glass” above the crowd without a net or safety harness.

The sprawling stage was a framework for a series of lavish set pieces. The celebratory “Beautiful Trauma” was situated in a hotel lobby. Pink played the role of a bedeviled Little Red Riding Hood in an enchanted forest during the motivational anthem “Try.”

Towers of flame heated the arena as Pink sang the serpentine “Just Like Fire.” The spectacular special effects and daring athleticism were set aside for the evening’s best moments.

When Pink and members of her eight-piece backing band convened at the front lip of the stage for pared-back renditions of “Barbies” and “I Am Here,” Pink’s stellar voice became the primary focus.

The flashiness of her shows and the triteness of some of her material tends to mask Pink’s lustrous instrument. A tendency to resemble the soul icon Mary J. Blige fronting a pop-punk band help cement her reputation, but the blues-tinged howls she added to the gospel-tinged “I Am Here” indicated that Pink still possesses the heart, talent and stamina of a champion.


Get the Party Started; Beautiful Trauma; Just Like a Pill; Who Knew; Revenge; Funhouse/Just a Girl; Smells Like Teen; Spirit; Secrets; Try; Just Give Me a Reason; I'm Not Dead; Just Like Fire; What About Us; Barbies; I Am Here; F***in' Perfect; Raise Your Glass; Blow Me (One Last Kiss); So What; Glitter in the Air