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Tech N9ne releases collaboration with jazz pianist Mark Lowrey

Kansas City hip-hop star Tech N9ne has released a track off his forthcoming “Special Effects” album, expected to be released in May. The track, “Dyin’ Flyin’,” includes performances by Kansas City jazz pianist Mark Lowrey.

On his Facebook page, Lowrey posted: “This track was all built off of solo piano improvisations, and if you listen closely, you can hear me plucking, strumming, and sliding a shot glass over the piano strings once in a while.”

“Dyin’ Flyin’” is one of three collaborations between the two for “Special Effects.” Back in December, Lowrey talked to The Star about the collaboration: “I worked mostly with producer Seven (born Michael Summers),” he said. “I played Fender Rhodes on one track at Strange Music Studio, and on the other two tracks, I made a field recording at the Majestic.

“The process was really rewarding. Seven and I talked conceptually about each song quite a bit. I would improvise and hone an idea, then we would record it, do several variations, and Seven took that away to add beats and sound design. The tracks I did with Seven are pretty much built off the initial piano recordings.

“On the song I played the Rhodes, they actually took the recording of me and other musicians, pressed it to vinyl and then recorded the sound of a record player playing the record. Several live musicians are on this record, including my friend Steve Lambert on flute.”

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