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About Hemingway at 100 and other notes

About Hemingway at 100 and other notes

Date: 06/27/99 00:01

  • "Hemingway at 100" was edited by Steve Paul, senior writer and editor in the Features Department. Principal writers were Paul and staff writer Brian Burnes. ... Graphics and design for the print edition: Dave Eames and Barbara Hill-Meyer ... Copy editing: John Mark Eberhart

    Paul, 45, has been an editor at the newspaper since 1975. He is a former Book Review Editor/Sunday Arts Editor and served as a vice president and board member of the National Book Critics Circle.

    Brian Burnes, 45, who joined The Star in 1978, reports on historical topics. His stories on Hemingway in Kansas City appeared in 1986 and 1991.

  • Previous stories on the Hemingway centennial appeared in the Arts section on Feb. 28, 1999, and April 18, 1999.
  • The Kansas City Star maintains a Hemingway Web site: It has background on his period in Kansas City, a guide to Kansas City in his work, the text of stories attributed to Hemingway that appeared in the newspaper in 1917-18, audio clips of Hemingway speeches and readings and information on the annual Ernest Hemingway Writing Awards, a national competition for high school journalists.
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