Top 10 viral videos of 2012

From "Gangnum Style" to a 128,000 free fall, YouTube viewers tuned in to a wide range of videos in 2012. Here's a list of the top ten that went viral, ranked by views.

1. Korean rapper PSY did the unthinkable with the release of his hit "Gangnum Style" this year: He beat out Justin Bieber's "Baby" for the title of most-watched YouTube video of all time. "Gangnum Style" was also the first video to reach one billion views, all while inspiring a worldwide dance craze.

2. Although Goyte topped the music charts in 2012 with "Somebody That I Used to Know," it wasn't the original song's video that had viewers tuning in. Instead, it was a cover by Walk Off the Earth, a 5-member group who somehow managed to use one guitar simultaneously.

3. A short film created by Invisible Children Inc, KONY 2012 took the Internet by storm with its campaign to put a stop to Joseph Kony, a Ugandan cult and militia leader. In the first two weeks, the video had more than 83 million views.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen was new to the pop scene in 2012, but it didn't take long for her radio hit "Call Me Maybe" to gain popularity. The song's video, which also features some pretty famous friends, ranks number four on the most-watched list.

5. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama squared off on a number of debates in 2012, but never in a rap battle (that we know of) like the mock one featured in this video.

6. The only commercial to make the list, this TNT cable advertisement in Belgium is it's own quiet surprise. The clip features an action-packed scene in the middle of a sleepy town.

7. The YouTube regular who goes by the title "Spoken Reasons" had a lot to say about relationships in his rant "Why you asking all them questions?" The video includes his take on "the cupcake phase" and women who have a lot to ask their mates on a daily basis.

8. Another music phenomenon to make the list was this dub step violin number starring Lindsey Stirling titled "Crystallize". The video has more than 40 million views.

9. This dad took disciplinary measures to a new level with his video "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen." His anger over her Facebook post in which she complained about doing chores results in him taking measures into his own hands.

10. Felix Baumgartner's free fall from 128,000 feet in the air was the tenth most-watched video of 2012. The Austrian daredevil set the world record for skydiving and became the first person to break the sound barrier.