007: After 50 years, a lasting Bond

The scene is right out of a, well, James Bond movie.

The tuxedoed MI6 agent strides purposefully down the Buckingham Palace corridor with Monty, Willow and Holly trying to keep up. The mission? Inject one more killer element of uniquely British pop culture into the opening of the Olympic Games.

Queen Elizabeth, now ranked as another “Bond girl,” goes along with the parachute gag. Just a case of one Brit with considerable staying power helping out another, really. Nothing to get gobsmacked over.

It is, after all, the 50th anniversary of the 007 franchise, with Daniel Craig again taking the wheel of that Aston Martin DB5 and roaring across London screens in October. That was the month in 1962 when “Dr. No” premiered there, you know. We Yanks didn’t get to watch Ursula Andress emerge Venus-like from the sea until the next May; this time, the wait is only until Nov. 9.

“Skyfall” will be the 23rd (some would say 26th) film in which Bond’s been portrayed by six (some would say eight) actors, but the old boy is still packing the houses.

That other little spy film, the fourth in


series, opening this weekend? Enjoy it.

But understand this.

It takes more than a Jason Bourne to get past the queen’s attack corgies.