Review | Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull and Prince Royce

From the start it was evident that this show would live up to its name, the Euphoria Tour. The openers at the Sprint Center on Monday night started the inferno, especially Pitbull, the dapper, gruff-voiced rapper from Miami. His 45-minute set, which followed a shorter set by Prince Royce, was incendiary from start to finish, a mix of songs throbbing with elements of rap, rock and reggaeton-pop accented now and then with jaunty Latin rhythms. The place shook so joyously during his closer, “Give Me Everything,” it felt like watching a headliner’s finale.

And someone must have given Pitbull a local geography lesson because he made certain to get his locale correct. A couple of times he earnestly thanked the people of “Missouri, Kansas City.” It was endearing.

The headliner was Enrique Iglesias, a hearthrob who can spin a gauzy, romantic ballad with the best of them, but who can also ignite a big arena crowd (almost 8,000) into a frenzy with one of his titanium dance-pop tunes. He opened his 80-minute show with one of those, “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” and immediately gave the night an adult theme, changing “lovin’,” to another verb (f-bomb).

He set off a torrent of screams when he took the stage but his crowd comprised more than fawning ladies and squealing young girls. There were plenty of gents in the crowd, too. At one point, he brought two men on stage, assuming they were a couple. When they said they were not a couple, just friends, he asked them to declare their sexual orientation. They obliged, but a bit awkwardly.

Like thousands of others in the arena, one of those guys spoke Spanish fluently. The sing-alongs to songs like “Iloro Por Ti” were as loud as any. The set list was packed with hits like that one, including “Dirty Dancer,” which featured video appearances by Usher and Lil Wayne, “Be With You” and the jackhammer disco anthem “I Like It.” During that one, Pitbull came back out to reprise his role in the song’s video. Once again, his appearance inflamed the mood in the room to a near fever pitch. The hail of large white balloons branded with “ei” added to the joy. So did the confetti and streamers that fell during the reprise of “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), which closed the first set.

Iglesias stokes his audience, too, by working the room like a glad-handing politician. Twice he scolded security for being too restrictive. One time he yelled, “Let them do whatever the (bleep) they want.” Then he encouraged people on the floor to rush toward the stage.

For the encore, he went to a satellite stage at the north end of the arena to perform one of his biggest hits, the satiny, syrupy ballad “Hero.” Before that he pulled on stage a woman from the audience. During the song, he serenaded her and slow-danced with her. She looked like her knees might buckle at any moment. The night ended with another uplifting disco bomb, “I Like How It Feels,” a feel-good anthem in the vein of Cher’s “Believe” but embellished with a whistle riff and some rapping from Pitbull The song’s star-studded video played in the background and the crowd danced and sang along and balloons bobbed and bounced amid the crowd, even as the video’s credits rolled on the screen above the empty stage. Euphoria.