Local woman gives Zach Galifiankis his style in 'Hangover 2'

Wondering where “Hangover” star Zach Galifianakis gets his clothes? Look no further than your backyard.

Rita Reed of Gardner, in Johnson County, designed the doggie T-shirt that Galifianakis’ character, Alan, the goofy man-child, wears throughout the new “Hangover Part II.”

“I received a call from Warner Brothers saying that Zach had picked my T-shirt, and they asked if I would be willing to let them use it,” she said.

Reed, 62, hadn’t heard of the raunchy “Hangover” movies, even though the first one grossed almost $300 million — the biggest R-rated comedy ever. The sequel, which opened Thursday, is expected to take in $100 million this holiday weekend alone.

“I wasn’t really quite sure what type of movie it was going to be,” she said. “But I didn’t hesitate in giving them permission.”

Now her sunny yellow design, complete with yellow Labrador retriever, is creating a bowwow among “Hangover” fans. The shirt even has its own Facebook page: “Hangover 2 Alan’s Yellow Dog Shirt.”

Urban Outfitters purchased 16,000 of the shirts to sell in stores. The day before the movie opened, Reed sold 92 shirts and expects sales to increase.

She created Friskybizpet Designs to supplement her retirement years. She takes pictures of her pets as well as friends’ pets, sometimes combining them into a composite photo, to use on clothing and gift items.

So what was it like for Reed to see her work strut across the big screen at the midnight opening?

“I felt a sense of pride,” she said.


The shirts are $20-$24 at






and at Urban Outfitters, 520 Nichols Road on the Country Club Plaza or