Time Warner’s big switcheroo is Tuesday

On Tuesday, Time Warner Cable customers in the Kansas City area will turn on their TV sets to find that a lot of channels have moved.

The ultimate goal, according to Time Warner, is to make finding channels easier. But there may be a little pain before the gain.

If you own a digital set-top device and are a customer of Time Warner, the assignments for channels 101 and up have changed. Time Warner sent all its customers new channel lineup cards, but if you can’t find yours, call customer service at 816-358-8833 or go to

this site


The standard cable lineup, from channels 1 to 75, is staying put, for the most part. Time Warner is moving some networks to new assignments:

History Channel — 27

Comedy Central — 37

AMC — 42

TCM — 47

Bravo — 50

Golf Channel — 65

If you don’t have digital cable, you won’t get truTV, CMT, Travel Channel, C-SPAN2 and ShopNBC any longer. Time Warner is removing these from standard cable. You will need a digital box or, if you have a CableCARD-equipped device, a tuning adapter to view these.

Many channels will now have two assignments. USA Network will be at Channel 39, as before, but also at Channel 201, where it is grouped with other entertainment networks.

The HD assignments for Kansas City TV stations are all changing to 1000 plus the channel’s standard-definition number. For instance, KCTV will be at Channel 3, as before, but its HD assignment becomes 1003.