Halloween safety; Olathe Police Department offers some tips for a safe holiday

This story originally appeared in the Wednesday, October 25, 2006 edition of The Kansas City Star

The Halloween season is once again upon us. Parents are encouraged to be aware and be informed when it comes to Halloween safety for their children. There are two important safety aspects to trick-or-treating that parents should impress upon their children.

It is possible for children to be injured by traffic or have other accidents while walking in the dark.

It is also possible to be hurt by eating food that’s been tampered with.

To promote a safe and fun-filled time for all the little ghost and goblins the following tips are provided by the Olathe Police Department.

Parents should go with younger children.

Wear light colored or reflective clothing for costumes.

Check the costume to see if it is made of a fire-resistant material.

Remind children to avoid open flames from pumpkins or Halloween decorations.

Stay within the neighborhood and only visit homes you know with their porch light on.

Only give and accept commercially wrapped or packaged candy.

Parents should examine all treats before letting children eat them.

All fruit should be washed and cut into small pieces to make sure nothing hazardous has been placed inside.