Halloween safety tips to keep in mind

This story originally appeared in the Saturday, Saturday, October 28, 2006 edition of The Kansas City Star


Some trick-or-treating tips:

Pick costumes that are flame-retardant so that your children will be safe from candlelit-pumpkins, and make sure that they can walk freely and won’t trip. A good rule of thumb is for the costume not to go past the ankles.

Make sure masks don’t obscure vision, so that your children can see cars and won’t trip. If the eye holes are too small, cut bigger ones. Apply reflective tape to the costumes and candy bags so that motorists can see them.

Children younger than 12 should be accompanied by an adult, and older children should be given a cell phone and a curfew.

Give kids a meal before they go trick-or-treating to keep them from eating candy before they get home.

Remind them that it’s not safe to eat the candy before they get home and you have a chance to inspect it.