Monster match; Fear not this test of your horror film know-how.

This story originally appeared in the Tuesday, October 31, 2006 edition of The Kansas City Star

How well do you know your scary movies? Match wits with Cox News Service film reviewer Ray Watters, and find out whether you should -- or can -- sleep well when you go to bed.

1. What two festive colors make up the distinctive sweater worn by the dream killer Freddy Krueger?

A. Red and green

B. Brown and gold

C. Blue and black

D. Green and purple

2. What was the killer car in the movie "Christine," based on the Stephen King book of the same name?

A. 1954 Plymouth Belvedere

B. 1958 Plymouth Fury

C. 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air

D. 1975 Plymouth Arrow

3. One of the most famous vampire movies is "Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror." The German film is based on the novel Dracula. What was the name of the vampire in the film?

A. Count Dracula

B. Baron Maximillion

C. Count Orlok

D. Count Murnau

4. The makeup and character design for the monstrous "Nosferatu" have been duplicated in many other horror movies. But what does the word "Nosferatu" mean?

A. "Undead" or "not alive"

B. "Plague carrier"

C. "Vampire"

D. "Monster"

5. Hollywood is making more films based on Japanese movies and comics. Which of these films isn’t part of the J-horror genre?

A. "The Ring"

B. "The Grudge"

C. "Dark Water"

D. "The Descent"

6. In the "Return of the Living Dead" series, the zombies were a result of a chemical created by the U.S. military. What was it called?

A. Trioxin

B. Mortis

C. Dedimor

D. Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane

7. What scary costume was mass murderer Michael Myers wearing when he committed his first murder?

A. A hockey mask

B. A clown costume

C. A painted William Shatner mask

D. A ghost costume

8. Which one of these lists correctly matches up the actress with her movie franchise?

A. Jamie Lee Curtis: "Friday the 13th"; Amanda Wyss: "Halloween"; Emily Leerhsen: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; Karen Sural: "Child’s Play"

B. Brittany Murphy: "Cherry Falls"; Erica Leerhsen: "Blair Witch Project"; Jennifer Love Hewitt: "I Know What You Did Last Summer"; JoBeth Williams: "Poltergeist"

C. Nancy Thompson: "A Nightmare on Elm Street"; Jamie Lee Curtis: "Halloween"; Emily Perkins: "Ginger Snaps"; Jessica Biel: "Scream"

D. Heather Langenkamp: "A Nightmare on Elm Street"; Jamie Lee Curtis: "Halloween"; Emily Perkins: "Ginger Snaps"; Ali Larter: "Final Destination"

9. Actor-director George Clooney also has appeared in a few horror movies. Which one of these films did he not appear in?

A. "Return to Horror High"

B. "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!"

C. "From Dusk ’Til Dawn"

D. "The Doctor is In(sane)"

10. How did Alex Browning -- the teen who foresaw everyone’s death in a plane explosion in "Final Destination" -- actually die?

A. In a car explosion

B. Crushed by a massive falling sign

C. Hit in the head with a brick

D. Choked by a wine-bottle cork

11. Charles Lee Ray -- "Chucky" for short -- put his soul in a doll in the "Child’s Play" movies. What brand of doll was it?

A. Good Guy

B. Best Pal

C. Rotten Patch Kid

D. Lucky Chucky

12. What two veteran horror actors appeared in at least one of the "Star Wars" movies?

A. Boris Karloff and Alec Guinness

B. Carrie Fisher and Vincent Price

C. Angus Scrimm and Peter Cushing

D. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee


1. A

2. B

3. C

4. B

5. D

6. A

7. B

8. D

9. D

10. C

11. A

12. D

How many did you get right? Compared your luck -- or knowledge -- with the following scale:

None: Time to go to the video store and see what you missed.

1 to 4 right: You hid under the blanket when things got scary.

5 to 8 right: You caught a few reruns on cable.

9 to 12 right:You keep eating popcorn no matter what’s happening.