Editor Mike Fannin lists ‘Stuff I Like’: ‘Walking Dead,’ Rieger and an adorable dog

On “The Walking Dead,” Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a hit with his bat.
On “The Walking Dead,” Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a hit with his bat. TNS

Here’s what Mike Fannin, editor and vice president, is into:

“The Walking Dead”

Yes, this AMC show is in its seventh season, and yes, the ratings are down. But the storylines are joltingly good with the arrival of Negan (played with abandon/glee by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It’s weekly, postapocalyptic viewing for the whole family — including my 15-year-old daughter.

The Rieger


My go-to restaurant for many occasions, special and otherwise, and it’s just a few blocks from The Star. The seasonal menu is always tantalizing, the cocktails first-rate and the ambiance delightful in this boutique place that once allegedly put up Al Capone when it was a Prohibition-era hotel. A can’t-miss winter starter: the pork soup.



Fox terriers are smart pups. A couple of months ago, I took my dog Skip to our favorite local patio, and as we passed, a nice woman turned to her large canine and said, “Hey Angus, this dog could do your taxes.” There can be such a thing as too smart. Skip takes up an impressive amount of my time/energy attending to his wants/needs.

Montblanc pen


An old friend gave me an incredibly thoughtful gift for my 50th birthday last summer. I’ve never had a fine writing instrument, and now I get why people love them. The strokes are smooth, and it feels powerful in your hand, like the steering wheel of a hot car. This one has a wicked snake coiled around it. My friend made sure the ink is editor red.


Sappy as it may be, this is still my favorite holiday. Which is, hey, good timing for this edition of Stuff I Like. The 24/7  tunes on Sirius? Check. Rudolph and the Grinch? Check. Bing Crosby? Check. I can picture the snow-covered rolling hills of my Kentucky childhood, the happy trudge home after opening presents on Christmas Eve and the grand family dinner the next day. Cheers to traditions!

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