Mark Klein is a comic -- and a conservative

Mark Klein couldn't be happier calling Louisville, Ky., home, even though he's there only half the time.

"I'm proud to say that I was born and live in Louisville," Klein said while calling from his home away from home, the Louisville airport. "We make bourbon, baseball bats and cigarettes here. Our motto is 'If it kills you, we make it.' "

Klein, who will perform tonight and Saturday at the Loony Bin in Wichita, is a fast-talking, married father of a 15-year-old son who touches on a variety of subjects in his routine. He cracks wise about what he knows, which is family, bourbon, horse racing and politics.

"I'm the only conservative Jewish comedian from Kentucky in the world," Klein said. "You know where I'm coming from. It's a lot different view from the painfully unfunny material you get from such liberal comics as Bill Maher, Wanda Sykes and Whoopi Goldberg, who are so predictable. These are comedians that are joking for the 15th time about how stupid George W. Bush is. That wasn't funny the third time you told the joke."

Klein, 38, thinks that most people in this country can relate to right-wing comics.

"From playing the entire United States, I can tell you that from Sacramento to Albany, this country connects with conservative humor. Once you get away from the coasts, you find people that are less elitist and people who have more Midwestern values."

Klein will joke at the expense of President Obama and he will banter about the tea party, but some of his funniest material is inspired by his family.

The comic, known as the "Corp Jester," since about half of his shows are for corporate crowds, discloses that he recently had a vasectomy.

"Sometimes reality is as funny as what you can make up," he said. "When I was having the procedure done ... what was funny was the waiting room. When I was leaving, I could see all the anxiety over the men's faces, who were waiting for their turn. I couldn't help it. When I saw my wife, I said in my Mickey Mouse voice, 'Everything is going to be fine.' "

Klein has been in the comedy business 20 years.

"I've been doing this for so long that some of my jokes have tenure," he cracked. "I've had the greatest time doing this. I'm going from a cruise ship to home to Wichita. I love going to Wichita. No matter what way you walk, you're always spitting into the wind."