The Watchdog

Lanes closed on I-70, but where are the workers?

Apr 18, 4:00 PM

It’s true that no hard hats were in the area, but the highway surface had its own job to do.

Extra tax notice causes extra aggravation

Apr 17, 9:09 PM

Jackson County says the online system isn’t losing information that’s been filed. Instead, this appears to be a case of crossed messages.

Monitoring is done regularly at Sugar Creek landfill

Take a walk in Sugar Creek and you’ll find the Courtney Ridge landfill. Head out of the city a little ways and you’ll be at an Independence water treatment plant. Count Lynn Pierce of Independence among those who are apprehensive about seeing these facilities near each other.

The end of a metal mess

Steven G. Schmidt of Lenexa isn’t a fan of the temporary lights at 87th Street and Renner Boulevard. So when is the city going to give the green light for a more permanent fix?

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