U.S. failing to find and help victims

Human Trafficking in America

Day One:

A New Slavery

Beckoned by the land of the free, immigrants wind up being held against their will for labor, sex and money. »

Day Three:

Fraud's Welcome Mat

America's intricate, fraud-plagued work visa program is a welcome mat for modern-day slavers. »

Day Five:

Changing Views

A new approach is needed, and changes are coming. »

For six months Kansas City Star reporters traveled the world, from Guatemalan migrant shelters to the deadly streets of Tijuana, investigating America's war against human trafficking.

They found that America is losing the battle - even in its own backyard. In fact, Kansas City is an emerging hub of human trafficking activity.

Follow-up: New funds, new hope

Day Two:

Snares of the Sex Trade

International sex trafficking is more complex and problematic than the U.S. law designed to combat it. Meanwhile, domestic victims are getting scant attention. »

Day Four:

Ask Questions Later

Some suspected victims, in violation of U.S. policy, are being deported on government-run airlines based in Kansas City. »