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January 15, 2014

Missouri Suburban Conferences release 2014 football schedules

Lee's Summit West will join the Suburban Gold Conference next season.

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Blue Springs and Lee's Summit West captured Missouri football state championships in November. The Wildcats won their second straight Missouri Class 6 title, while Lee's Summit West won the Missouri Class 5 championship.

Beginning next season, however, the two programs will not only likely battle for the same state title — with the Titans projected to move to Class 6 — they will compete for the same conference crown, too.

The four Suburban Conferences have released their 2014 fall football schedules, and Lee's Summit West is set to slide into the Suburban Gold Conference, joining Blue Springs, Blue Springs South, Lee's Summit, Lee's Summit North and Raymore-Peculiar.

The football season will begin on Aug. 22, with the first round of districts scheduled for Oct. 24.

The Titans' move to the Suburban Gold Conference means Liberty has shifted down to the Suburban Red Conference with Truman, Park Hill, Park Hill South, Ruskin and St. Joseph Central.

Liberty North is slated to move up to the Suburban White Conference, the lone seven-team league, which also features William Chrisman, Raytown, Staley, Fort Osage, Oak Park and North Kansas City.

The Suburban Blue Conference has added Belton to its mix of Winnetonka, Platte County, Grandview, Kearney and Raytown South.

The full schedules are listed below, though some of the Friday dates are subject to change to Thursday based on stadium availability.


Suburban Gold Conference


Aug. 22: Staley

Aug. 29: at Fort Osage

Sept. 5: at Blue Springs South

Sept. 12: St. Joseph Central

Sept. 19: Lee's Summit

Sept. 26: at Rockhurst

Oct. 3: Raymore-Peculiar

Oct. 10: at Lee's Summit West

Oct. 17: at Lee's Summit North


Aug. 22: at Park Hill

Aug. 29: Liberty North

Sept. 5: Blue Springs

Sept. 12: at Raymore-Peculiar

Sept. 19: Rockhurst

Sept. 26: at Raytown

Oct. 3: at Lee's Summit West

Oct. 10: Lee's Summit North

Oct. 17: Lee's Summit


Aug. 22: Park Hill South

Aug. 29: at Winnetonka

Sept. 5: North Kansas City

Sept. 12: at Lee's Summit

Sept. 19: Lee's Summit West

Sept. 26: at Raymore-Peculiar

Oct. 3: at Battle

Oct. 10: at Blue Springs South

Oct. 17: Blue Springs


Aug. 22: at Truman

Aug. 29: at Hickman

Sept. 5: Fort Osage

Sept. 12: Lee's Summit North

Sept. 19: at Blue Springs

Sept. 26: Lee's Summit West

Oct. 3: at Park Hill

Oct. 10: Raymore-Peculiar

Oct. 17: at Blue Springs South


Aug. 22: Liberty

Aug. 29: at Park Hill South

Sept. 5: at Winnetonka

Sept. 12: Rock Bridge

Sept. 19: at Lee's Summit North

Sept. 26: at Lee's Summit

Oct. 3: Blue Springs South

Oct. 10: Blue Springs

Oct. 17: at Raymore-Peculiar


Aug. 22: at Belton

Aug. 29: at Staley

Sept. 5: Liberty

Sept. 12: Blue Springs South

Sept. 19: at St. Joseph Central

Sept. 26: Lee's Summit North

Oct. 3: at Blue Springs

Oct. 10: at Lee's Summit

Oct. 17: Lee's Summit West

Suburban Red Conference


Aug. 22: Lee's Summit

Aug. 29: Raytown South

Sept. 5: at St. Joseph Central

Sept. 12: at Ruskin

Sept. 19: Liberty

Sept. 26: at Park Hill South

Oct. 3: at Marshall

Oct. 10: William Chrisman

Oct. 17: at Park Hill


Aug. 22: at Lee's Summit North

Aug. 29: Lee's Summit West

Sept. 5: at Raytown South

Sept. 12: Platte County

Sept. 19: at Park Hill

Sept. 26: Truman

Oct. 3: at Liberty

Oct. 10: Ruskin

Oct. 17: at St. Joseph Central


Aug. 22: Blue Springs South

Aug. 29: at Smithville

Sept. 5: Belton

Sept. 12: at Liberty

Sept. 19: Park Hill South

Sept. 26: at Ruskin

Oct. 3: Lee's Summit

Oct. 10: at St. Joseph Central

Oct. 17: Truman


Aug. 22: at Lee's Summit West

Aug. 29: Kearney

Sept. 5: at Raymore-Peculiar

Sept. 12: Park Hill

Sept. 19: at Truman

Sept. 26: at St. Joseph Central

Oct. 3: Park Hill South

Oct. 10: at Hickman

Oct. 17: Ruskin


Aug. 22: at Kearney

Aug. 29: at Platte County

Sept. 5: Truman

Sept. 12: at Blue Springs

Sept. 19: Raymore-Peculiar

Sept. 26: Liberty

Oct. 3: at Ruskin

Oct. 10: Park Hill

Oct. 17: Park Hill South


Aug. 22: at Grandview

Aug. 29: Pembroke Hill

Sept. 5: Platte County

Sept. 12: Truman

Sept. 19: at Kearney

Sept. 26: Park Hill

Oct. 3: St. Joseph Central

Oct. 10: at Park Hill South

Oct. 17: at Liberty

Suburban White Conference


Aug. 22: at Platte County

Aug. 29: at Raytown

Sept. 5: Staley

Sept. 12: Oak Park

Sept. 19: at North Kansas City

Sept. 26: Fort Osage

Oct. 3: Liberty North

Oct. 10: at Truman

Oct. 17: Van Horn


Aug. 22: at Liberty North

Aug. 29: William Chrisman

Sept. 5: at Oak Park

Sept. 12: Winnetonka

Sept. 19: at Raytown South

Sept. 26: Blue Springs South

Oct. 3: at North Kansas City

Oct. 10: Staley

Oct. 17: at Fort Osage


Aug. 22: Raytown

Aug. 29: at Blue Springs South

Sept. 5: Kearney

Sept. 12: at Staley

Sept. 19: Grandview

Sept. 26: Oak Park

Oct. 3: at William Chrisman

Oct. 10: Fort Osage

Oct. 17: at North Kansas City


Aug. 22: at Blue Springs

Aug. 29: Raymore-Peculiar

Sept. 5: at William Chrisman

Sept. 12: Liberty North

Sept. 19: at Fort Osage

Sept. 26: North Kansas City

Oct. 3: Mill Valley

Oct. 10: at Raytown

Oct. 17: Oak Park


Aug. 22: Winnetonka

Aug. 29: at Grandview

Sept. 5: Raytown

Sept. 12: at William Chrisman

Sept. 19: Belton

Sept. 26: at Liberty North

Oct. 3: at Fort Osage

Oct. 10: North Kansas City

Oct. 17: at Staley


Aug. 22: St. Joseph Lafayette

Aug. 29: at Belton

Sept. 5: at Lee's Summit North

Sept. 12: Fort Osage

Sept. 19: William Chrisman

Sept. 26: at Staley

Oct. 3: Raytown

Oct. 10: at Oak Park

Oct. 17: Liberty North


Aug. 22: at Raytown South

Aug. 29: Blue Springs

Sept. 5: at Lee's Summit

Sept. 12: at North Kansas City

Sept. 19: Staley

Sept. 26: at William Chrisman

Oct. 3: Oak Park

Oct. 10: at Liberty North

Oct. 17: Raytown

Suburban Blue Conference


Aug. 22: at Oak Park

Aug. 29: Lee's Summit North

Sept. 5: Lee's Summit West

Sept. 12: at Raytown

Sept. 19: at Platte County

Sept. 26: Kearney

Oct. 3: at Grandview

Oct. 10: Raytown South

Oct. 17: at Belton


Aug. 22: Raymore-Peculiar

Aug. 29: North Kansas City

Sept. 5: at Park Hill

Sept. 12: at Grandview

Sept. 19: at Oak Park

Sept. 26: Platte County

Oct. 3: at Raytown South

Oct. 10: Kearney

Oct. 17: Winnetonka


Aug. 22: William Chrisman

Aug. 29: St. Joseph Central

Sept. 5: at Ruskin

Sept. 12: at Park Hill South

Sept. 19: Winnetonka

Sept. 26: at Belton

Oct. 3: at Kearney

Oct. 10: Grandview

Oct. 17: at Raytown South


Aug. 22: Ruskin

Aug. 29: Oak Park

Sept. 5: at Grain Valley

Sept. 12: Belton

Sept. 19: at Liberty North

Sept. 26: Raytown South

Oct. 3: Winnetonka

Oct. 10: at Platte County

Oct. 17: at Kearney


Aug. 22: St. Joseph Central

Aug. 29: at Liberty

Sept. 5: at Liberty North

Sept. 12: Raytown South

Sept. 19: Ruskin

Sept. 26: at Winnetonka

Oct. 3: Platte County

Oct. 10: at Belton

Oct. 17: Grandview


Aug. 22: Fort Osage

Aug. 29: at Truman

Sept. 5: Park Hill South

Sept. 12: at Kearney

Sept. 19: Raytown

Sept. 26: at Grandview

Oct. 3: Belton

Oct. 10: at Winnetonka

Oct. 17: Platte County

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