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October 10, 2013

Despite the stitches, Besler ready to go for U.S. on Friday

Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler picked up almost a dozen stitches after a head injury last weekend against Columbus, says he should be ready to go on Friday for the U.S. men's national team.

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It was hard to miss the Frankenstein stitches on the head of Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler after the U.S. national team trained at Sporting Park on Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, Besler dismissed any lingering effects from the knock he took in Sporting's 1-0 win Saturday at Columbus.

"It's good," Besler said.

Besler, who took 11 or 12 stitches to the noggin, admitted that he hasn't tried to head a ball yet.

Um, isn't that an important part of the game? What's Besler to do?

"I've got to keep the stitches in," Belser said. "They might come out Friday morning or right before the game."

Read between the lines there: Besler certainly wants to play in Friday's World Cup qualifier against Jamaica.

"Stitches happen all the time, it's part of the game," he said. "It shouldn't be an issue."

Stitches are part of the game? Don't tell any soccer moms that one.

However, Besler said it's the fifth time he's needed stitches.

"I'm pretty used it," he said.

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