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September 24, 2013

Happy FIFA 14 Day

The popular EA Sports soccer franchise hits shelves for consoles and PCs today. Meaning, a lot of your soccer-loving video-game fans might not be returning your calls right away.

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For those squarely in the middle of the venn diagram where soccer fandom and video game addiction intersect*, today should probably be a national holiday: FIFA Day. The day when the top-selling EA Sports franchise hits shelves and you can start losing online games to French teenagers whenever you're done with work today -- if you couldn't figure out a good enough excuse to take today off work.

*Though, if you look at some of the people playing the game, there's an argument to be made -- as ESPN did last year -- that the FIFA video game is often a gateway into the sport. I know a few people who were lifelong Madden players who have since switched to FIFA full time.

My personal favorite part of the game is the variety of gameplay possible. You can play simple friendlies. Or see if you can lead Sporting Kansas City to a tournament victory. Or take over for Manchester United in career mode and, you know, actually spend money. Or bunker in to the uber-addictive card-trading Ultimate Team mode.* Or just spend a few hours trying to create your own

Cristiano Ronaldo tricks mix-tape


*While I'm more of a Football Manager guy, the Ultimate Team mode -- which combines tactics, fantasy, auctions, trading cards and team chemistry -- should be enough to get me into this version of the game.

Typically, the game is visually stunning. (And, for $60 on a console, it probably better be.)

As for the gameplay, the

early reviews

are pretty positive.

Grab your copy. Maybe try to cut out of work/school early. Happy gaming.

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