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No news is good news (maybe?) on Omar Bravo, plus Wizards sign Greek defender

07/18/2010 10:53 AM

05/16/2014 5:17 PM

From the no news might be good news (or then again, it might be no news): Robb Heineman said on last night's broadcast that they are in fact in talks with Mexican international Omar Bravo, but there is no announcement to be made. Despite the official-sounding press release

from Bravo's club, Chivas.

As you also most likely heard from Heineman last night, the Wizards have signed Greek defender Nikos (Nick) Kounenakis. You probably also heard that Indian striker Sunil Chhetri will play at some point against Manchester United. The Wizards owner and president also mentioned that the team will try to make a pitch for Ryan Giggs to come to MLS next year.

If you didn't know those three things, then, well, now you do.

A little info on Kounenakis: He's a South African-born player with a great birthday (Feb. 3, same as yours truly) who has played most of his career at OFI Crete, but spent a few years at Anderlecht in Belgium and Roda JC in the Netherlands. He spent last year at Aris Limassol in Cyprus



As for Chhetri, I've been wondering the same thing that you have probably: Why hasn't he cracked the 18 yet? The obvious answer would be that he's just not ready yet for consistent league play. But, with next Sunday being a friendly and the team has an unlimited number of subs, it makes sense to give him a crack. Can we say the same thing about Jamar Beasley?

On the Giggs pitch, I'm for it. While the Flying Welshman (or Hairy Welsh God if you will) will be 37 years old soon, he's still a better footballer than 75 percent of the players in the world. (That number might be higher.) He would be beyond a great addition.


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