Sam Mellinger

Royals can blame themselves for being losers at the trade deadline

The Royals were never going to make a big move before baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline Thursday. They were always going to nibble at the corners and dig in their heels with the guys on the roster. Because the Royals are stuck in what is now their new normal — not good enough to expect in the playoffs, and not bad enough to blow up and start over.

Sam Mellinger

Royals have a legitimate chance at earning wild-card spot

The last game of the Cleveland series left a bad taste in the Royals’ mouths, but with 58 games left, the team can still turn this season into a happy memory.  They will need to play their best of the season from here on out. But the difference between what’s required and what they’ve shown might not be as big as you’d think.

Sam Mellinger

When the pressure’s on, the Royals turn off

As the 6-0 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Sunday showed, the mark of these Kansas City Royals is that they shrink as the moment grows. The Royals are dropping an opportunity eight years in the making with a combination of weak hitting, bad decisions and an inability to justify the trouble. They seem to wait until the stakes are just high enough to let you down.

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