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July 30, 2014

Players say hazing is not a problem at Chiefs camp

Kansas City Chiefs players have not been subjected to rough treatment from their teammates this summer at training camp in St. Joseph.

Red Zone

The Chiefs and NFL by beat writer Terez Paylor

Gone are the days of the rookies being taped to goalposts and left to roast in the summer sun.

At worst, rookies at Chiefs training camp on the Missouri Western campus are forced to carry a veteran’s pads from the practice field back to the locker room.

Running back/wide receiver De’Anthony Thomas has schlepped fullback Anthony Sherman’s pads up the hill.

Of course, he also caught a ride in a golf cart, so it wasn’t exactly a taxing journey.

Quarterback Aaron Murray was carting Chase Daniel’s pads after Wednesday’s practice.

“Being a rookie, you’ve got to do that kind of stuff,” Murray said. “So, it’s fine with me.”

That’s as far as the hazing goes.

“Pretty much there’s really been no hazing at all,” Murray said. “The guys are pretty cool and coach (Andy) Reid’s not really down with all that craziness, so he doesn’t really allow it to happen.”

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