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Chiefs have ninth-best odds to land receiver DeSean Jackson

03/31/2014 2:12 PM

04/01/2014 9:25 AM

At least one major sportsbook in Las Vegas believes the Chiefs’ chances of signing DeSean Jackson aren’t great.

Bovada recently released odds on which team will land the talented and available wide receiver ― yes, you really can bet on anything these days ― and right now, the Chiefs have the worst odds (15/1) among the nine teams on the list.

Here is the list, in its entirety:

Washington: 2/1

Raiders: 3/1

49ers: 5/1

Bills: 5/1

Jets: 7/1

Seahawks: 10/1

Patriots: 12/1

Panthers: 12/1

Chiefs: 15/1

The fact Washington has the best odds is not a surprise. Jackson is expected to land in Washington Monday evening for his first free-agent visit, and knowing owner Dan Snyder’s penchant for spending cash ― not to mention the fact that Washington doesn’t have a first-round pick ― it’s entirely possible Snyder will spend whatever is necessary to keep Jackson from boarding his return flight without a deal in hand.

Of course, nothing is certain, and for what it’s worth, I believe that applies to the Chiefs, as well. Ian Rapoport of and Ed Werder of ESPN have both reported that the Chiefs are no longer pursuing the star receiver, but I have not been able to confirm that, and to be honest, I’m not 100 percent sold that’s the case.

Now, to be clear, I said Friday that the chances Jackson

wouldn’t land with the Chiefs are higher than the chances he would

. My opinion on that has not changed, because I believe he can probably get more money from a team with more cap space than the Chiefs have.

But if the market for Jackson is soft ― and perhaps it’s telling that no other visits have leaked out ― the Chiefs could conceivably extend him an offer that would be more competitive than most think, especially if Jackson has a strong desire to play for coach Andy Reid again.

Remember, both Rapoport and Werder mentioned money issues when addressing the Chiefs’ latest level of interest in Jackson, which indicates Reid ― who coached Jackson for five years ― isn’t necessarily ruling him out because of character. To me, that means they would keep the door open for a reunion … for right price, of course.

I understand this line of thinking may be optimistic, because Jackson may very well end up signing with Washington or some other team this week. Matter of fact, chances are that’s exactly how this plays out.

However, I learned long ago not to count out anything in this league, even when everyone ― Vegas included ― has seemed to reach a consensus pointing in one direction.

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