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Cornerback Marcus Cooper leads list of Chiefs making six-figure bonus pay distributions

03/24/2014 5:11 PM

03/24/2014 5:11 PM

It appears cornerback Marcus Cooper’s surprising contributions last season have earned him more than a shot at a roster spot this year.

The NFL Management Council has released each team’s performance-based pay distributions for the 2013 season, and according to the list ― which has been posted


at ― Cooper topped all Chiefs with an additional payout of $253,736.78.

Cooper was one of 61 Chiefs who earned additional pay from the program, which was implemented in 2002 as an additional way to reward players who outperform their contracts. Players taken in the mid to late rounds ― like Cooper ― got most of the money in this year’s pool, which amounted to $3.46 million per team.

Chicago Bears right tackle Jordan Mills, who was taken in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft and started as a rookie, topped the list of earners this year with $318,244.

After Cooper, 12 current or former Chiefs are set to earn six-figure bonuses based on the play last season. They are: safety Quintin Demps ($193,180.80), tight end Sean McGrath ($185,734.55), receiver Junior Hemingway ($182,389.80), linebacker Akeem Jordan ($163,981.38), fullback Anthony Sherman ($148.992.77), safety Husain Abdullah ($144,393.45), center Rodney Hudson ($137,986.21), linebacker Frank Zombo ($130,542.93), linebacker Justin Houston ($117,149.09), tackle Donald Stephenson ($112,123.69) and guard Jeff Allen ($109,907.99), cornerback Ron Parker ($102,579.53).


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