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The Chiefs and NFL by beat writer Terez Paylor

Chiefs will face all four conference finalists in 2014

01/13/2014 2:20 PM

01/17/2014 6:55 PM

The NFL released each team’s slate of opponents for 2014

a few weeks ago, but with the Chiefs’ season now over ― and the league championship games now set ― it probably bears repeating: The Chiefs’ schedule next season will be a beast, at least on paper.

The combined winning percentage of the Chiefs’ 2014 opponents is .558, which is much higher than the .445 combined winning percentage of their 2013 opponents. And by the numbers, the Chiefs’ 2014 schedule is a little more difficult than the hardest schedule in 2013. That belonged to the Carolina Panthers, who faced a slate with a combined 2012 winning percentage of .543.

In a weird twist, the Chiefs will face all four of the NFL’s conference finalists next season. The good news is that because of scheduling rules, the other teams in their division do, too (except for Denver, which of course, is one of the teams in the AFC championship game).

You can compare the two schedules below. Keep in mind that the dates and order of the 2014 slate won’t be released until April.


vs. Denver (13-3)

vs. Seattle (13-3)

at San Francisco (12-4)

vs. New England (12-4)

at Arizona (10-6)

vs. San Diego (9-7)

at Miami (8-8)

vs. New York Jets (8-8)

at Pittsburgh (8-8)

vs. St. Louis (7-9)

vs. Tennessee (7-9)

at Buffalo (6-10)

vs Oakland (4-12)

Total: 143-113 (.558) 2013

Jacksonville (4-12)

Dallas (8-8)

Philadelphia (10-6)

New York Giants (7-9)

Tennessee (7-9)

Oakland (4-12)

Houston (2-14)

Cleveand (4-12)

Buffalo (6-10)

San Diego (9-7)

Denver (13-3)

Washington (3-13)

Indianapolis (11-5)

Total: 114-142 (.445)

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