Chiefs defensive end Mike DeVito on playing in Indy: 'It’s going to be wild'

01/01/2014 11:52 AM

01/01/2014 11:52 AM

Twice, Chiefs defensive end Mike DeVito has been on a team that reached the AFC Championship Game.

Both times, his team lost.

The first time came in 2009, when the New York Jets lost 30-17 to Indianapolis ― the team the Chiefs will face in the first round on Saturday. In 2010, the Jets lost to Pittsburgh 24-19.

It's a memory the seventh-year pro would rather forget.

“It's terrible,” DeVito said. “Two years in a row it's horrible. You're this close. You lost a game by this much. But that's how things happen in the playoffs. Everything is magnified and those little mistakes become big deals. So, I haven't really talked about it to the guys yet because you don't want to relive that experience too much. But yeah, it's frustrating.”

That said, DeVito is excited to again play at Lucas Oil Stadium, where he's twice appeared in playoff games. He knows what kind of crowd awaits.

“I know that the atmosphere there is fun,” DeVito said. “I played the AFC Championship there in 2009 and then the Wildcard round in 2010, and it’s wild. It’s going to be wild. They have great fans out there, so it is going to be a challenge for us. It’s a loud, really loud place, loud stadium. Even during the regular season it’s loud so you guys can imagine how it’s amped up during the playoffs.”


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