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Jaws likes the Broncos — at least for this week

11/15/2013 9:21 AM

11/15/2013 9:47 AM

Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, now an NFL analyst for ESPN, will be among the throng of media members covering the Chiefs at Broncos on Sunday, and his prediction won’t please Chiefs fans.

“I’ve got Denver I might change in two weeks,” said Jaworski, aware the two teams will play again on Dec. 1 at Arrowhead.

“The home-field advantage is critical,” Jaworski told me during a telephone conversation on Thursday. “And I just don’t think the Chiefs can score enough points right now. They’re not aggressive offensively, they’re playing that ball-control style if you fall 10 points behind, you’ve got to change your game plan.

“I think the Broncos are going to jump out early and force the Chiefs to do what they don’t want to do, and that’s open it up.”

Jaworski, a former Eagles quarterback who lives in Philadelphia and is close to Chiefs coach Andy Reid, believes Reid still has a lot of tricks in his bag. The Chiefs have not trailed much this season, so this week could be the time Reid opens it up.

“There’s a lot we haven’t seen,” said Jaworksi, who finished his 15-year career with the Chiefs in 1989. “I watched him for 14 years in Philadelphia, and there are a lot of uniquely designed plays he has in his playbook. The playbook has not been opened yet. They’re playing to what their strength is, and that’s their defense right now

“When the time is right, you’ll see him unveiling some very creatively designed offensive plays.”


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