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The Chiefs and NFL by beat writer Terez Paylor

The Star’s NFL Predictions

10/12/2013 3:00 PM

10/12/2013 3:01 PM

Picks are made by reporters and editors who cover the NFL for The Star.

Terez A. PaylorChiefs
Raiders at Chiefs Chiefs 27-20
Panthers at Vikings Vikings 31-21
Rams at Texans Texans 34-24
Packers at Ravens Packers 28-27
Eagles at Buccaneers Buccaneers 24-21
Steelers at Jets Jets 28-20
Bengals at Bills Bengals 24-23
Lions at Browns Browns 28-24
Titans at Seahawks Seahawks 33-17
Jaguars at Broncos Broncos 45-14
Cardinals at 49ers 49ers 31-17
Saints at Patriots Patriots 34-30
Washington at Cowboys Cowboys 27-24
Colts at Chargers Chargers 30-27
This week 1-0
This season 51-28
Vahe GregorianColumnist
Raiders at Chiefs Chiefs 23-10
Panthers at Vikings Vikings 24-9
Rams at Texans Texans 28-24
Packers at Ravens Ravens 24-21
Eagles at Buccaneers Eagles 27-20
Steelers at Jets Jets 19-17
Bengals at Bills Bengals 26-20
Lions at Browns Lions 20-16
Titans at Seahawks Seahawks 28-13
Jaguars at Broncos Broncos 41-10
Cardinals at 49ers 49ers 28-17
Saints at Patriots Patriots 24-22
Washington at Cowboys Cowboys 30-23
Colts at Chargers Chargers 27-17
This week 1-0
This season 49-30
Sam MellingerColumnist
Raiders at Chiefs Chiefs 20-16
Panthers at Vikings Vikings 24-20
Rams at Texans Texans 28-10
Packers at Ravens Ravens 27-21
Eagles at Buccaneers Buccaneers 24-21
Steelers at Jets Jets 27-20
Bengals at Bills Bengals 27-24
Lions at Browns Lions 21-17
Titans at Seahawks Seahawks 21-6
Jaguars at Broncos Broncos 37-10
Cardinals at 49ers 49ers 31-13
Saints at Patriots Patriots 37-34
Washington at Cowboys Cowboys 38-14
Colts at Chargers Colts 28-27
This week 1-0
This season 49-30
Randy CovitzChiefs/NFL
Raiders at Chiefs Chiefs 27-23
Panthers at Vikings Vikings 20-17
Rams at Texans Texans 30-20
Packers at Ravens Ravens 24-23
Eagles at Buccaneers Buccaneers 14-13
Steelers at Jets Jets 27-20
Bengals at Bills Bengals 24-14
Lions at Browns Browns 17-16
Titans at Seahawks Seahawks 28-17
Jaguars at Broncos Broncos 45-10
Cardinals at 49ers 49ers 30-17
Saints at Patriots Patriots 27-26
Washington at Cowboys Cowboys 30-27
Colts at Chargers Colts 21-20
This week 1-0
This season 48-31
Jeff RosenSports editor
Raiders at Chiefs Chiefs 23-17
Panthers at Vikings Vikings 27-13
Rams at Texans Texans 31-20
Packers at Ravens Packers 31-21
Eagles at Buccaneers Eagles 17-16
Steelers at Jets Jets 21-17
Bengals at Bills Bengals 27-20
Lions at Browns Lions 21-17
Titans at Seahawks Seahawks 34-21
Jaguars at Broncos Broncos 44-13
Cardinals at 49ers 49ers 24-14
Saints at Patriots Patriots 24-23
Washington at Cowboys Cowboys 28-20
Colts at Chargers Colts 31-27
This week 1-0
This season 47-32

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