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Down went the pants for Tyson Jackson

09/08/2013 5:07 PM

09/09/2013 8:33 AM

No buts about it: It’s rather amazing that more players don’t lose their pants during football games. That’s exactly what happened to Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson during the second half of Sunday’s resounding win at Jacksonville. Locked in on pursuit of Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert, Jackson found himself double-teamed by a couple of Jaguars offensive linemen. Jags center Brad Meister didn’t want to get his quarterback killed, so in the heat of the trenches, he grabbed whatever he could (Jackson’s waistband), and ... Down went the pants. With the camera locked in on Jackson's backside, CBS viewers got a really good look at Jackson’s booty. And then, seemingly just in case some missed the sequence live, the network re-showed the sequence as part of a slow-motion replay a few moments later. And that, friends, is how Jackson's tush was broadcast live to living rooms from the great Midwest to northern Florida.


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