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Q&A with new Chiefs DE Mike DeVito

08/03/2013 12:00 AM

08/02/2013 4:17 PM

Three questions with Chiefs defensive end Mike DeVito, who’s new to Kansas City this season after playing with the New York Jets:


Dontari Poe looks like he’s having a nice camp. Have you seen that?

“I’m really impressed with Dontari. His athleticism and all those things you see him have but also his ability to pick up the defense. His mental game is also very good. He’s able to read backfield sets, understand the defense and that allows him to play at the high level that he’s playing at. If he’s sitting around thinking he’s not going to be able to play at that level, but he knows what’s going on. He acts like a true vet and you would never know that this is his second year of playing. I think we’ve seen a big jump from him from last year.”


Do you feel like you’re one of the veterans leading the others?

“It’s nice to know this defense and to be in this defense for four years, so I really want to try and help these guys learn it as fast as we can. But again, I said it the whole time, I’m so encouraged by how fast they’re picking it up because I remember when we first got it in New York how difficult it was. Guys over here are really picking it up fast throughout the whole defense; secondary, linebackers. It’s encouraging.”


What’s the biggest difference in training camps playing for Rex Ryan and playing for Andy Reid?

“They’re similar in style. I think we run a lot of reps here. This is about game speed and playing things live and going out there and running plays which gets you ready for Sundays. Different coaches have different philosophies. There are some differences but over here we run a lot of reps.”

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